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How To Pay With Credit Card
 We have made a step by step tutorial for our clients to pay with credit card.

Step 1, Checkout normally and at the bottom of the checkout page select email transfer.

Step 2, In a new tab open this link https://buy.chainbits.com/ or https://buy.moonpay.com/ or https://banxa.com/ Enter the exact amount of your transaction that you were provided on the last page and bc1q95hgyrvjw7wmnldq4s06zjqs7y82ytkgzcc5r2 as the recieving address.

Step 3, Now check out as you would as regular transaction

Welcome to The Magic Dispensary!

We take pride in being the best online store in Canada to deliver high-quality Magic Mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are grown in the perfect controlled environment in locally sourced regions across Canada.


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Our online store offers a wide variety of Magic Mushroom micro-dosing products ranging from teas, capsules, and bulk shrooms at the best price guaranteed!

We are committed to providing the very best Psilocybin Products to a wide audience, whether you are a beginner starting on your psychedelic journey or a regular user of Magic Mushrooms. We offer an extensive product range for all your wants and needs!

We now understand more and more ways we can utilize and maximize the benefits of key ingredients found in Psilocybin that are present in the human body. As a result, our products allow customers to experience these benefits with the very best Psilocybin!

Our team directly works with farmers and growers together to supply a variety of Psilocybin shrooms delivered to you in an efficient, costly, and concise manner. Our psilocybin is stored in glass jars and packaged in an eco-friendly environment at your convenience.

This way, we achieve the optimal results of a high-quality Psilocybin to accomplish the overall psychedelic experience!

Visit our blog for more information on how to maximize the benefits of Psilocybin and keep up with our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram for more updates, news, and discounts!

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