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Magic Mushrooms

Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom


Product Description The Tidal Wave Mushroom is a mix between Penis Envy and B+ strains. With this magic mushroom you get the best of both worlds. The potency of this strain will blow you away as it has high levels of psilocybin. The name Tidal Wave comes from the impact of the mushroom once consumed. [...]


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TMD Sampler


6 – 1 GRAM SAMPLES OF EACH STRAIN     1 TEABAG Sampling a strain is another great way to microdose. Read each description below and order your choice of sampler at the best prices. 1. Amazonian Cubensis – 1 Gram Sample away with the Amazonian Cubensis strain, one of the most popular and widely [...]


This is a Psilocybe cubensis strain from South Africa. It was the first strain of Psilocybe cubensis in wide circulation that originated from the African continent.


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Tuna OG 3.5G Cannabis


What percentage is the mix of Tuna OG? 70% Indica x 30% Sativa Flavour Category: Skunk, Gas, Flora Tuna OG Background: Tuna OG is an Indica heavy hybrid, a cross between OG Kush x Black Tuna. Its potency and taste are recommended for the Heavy Cannabis user. With its overwhelming skunk aroma mixed with floral [...]


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Vanilla Flower Tea


Vanilla Flower Tea 1000mg – Per Tea Bag This unique yet immersive blend of red and black tea, with vanilla scent, will leave you with a sweet aftertaste. Ingredients Organic Psilocybin Cubensis, Red Tea and Black Tea. How To Prepare: Pour 95°C water over 2.5g of tea leaves per cup and infuse for 3 minutes. [...]

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