Mushroom Guide 2022: How to Buy Shrooms Online

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Finding the best psilocybin products isn’t an easy task, but we promise it’s worth it. There are many retail shops that navigate legal loopholes so their sales aren’t disturbed. But where on Earth is the best place to buy shrooms online in Canada?

Nobody wants to buy shrooms online & pay for a bad magic mushroom, it’s necessary to make an informed decision. So if you want to buy shrooms online, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on the ultimate guide of how to buy shrooms online in 2022!

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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the chemical found in magic mushrooms, that is absorbed into the body and generates good feelings. Magic mushrooms are fungi that grow on their own in nature and resemble ordinary mushrooms. Commonly used for recreation and mental wellness, it can be considered an organic psychedelic. Psilocybin mushrooms are also known by other names such as:

Other than these informal magic mushroom names, there are also strains and subtypes like Liberty Capsules, and also penis envy magic mushroom.

Since it’s different from Cannabis, it’s uncommon to find edibles or any variation of shroom edibles since they’re different altogether. However, a shop that deals in magic mushrooms might sell them in chocolate bars.

What Does a Magic Mushroom Feel Like?

You might have noticed earlier that magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic. That means it’s capable of altering how you perceive reality. Some feel they write ideas faster and many begin feeling genuine joy. So your senses don’t register time or emotions in the same way they normally do. Some people may also see or hear things that aren’t there. Or conversely, something that is there can become distorted or otherwise strange.

Are There Any Health Risks with Psilocybin Mushrooms?

Most people worry that magic mushrooms are inherently dangerous for consumption. But as long as you’re careful and don’t consume massive doses Monday to Friday, you should be in the clear.

It’s fairly rare to overdose on shrooms, and everyone responds to them in different ways. What matters is to be aware of the potential risks and effects before you try anything, that way you’ll be more receptive to the benefits. All in all, you don’t want to sign up for more than you can handle.

Is There Any Benefit to Taking Them?

That’s a resounding yes! If you’re confident that you can handle psychedelic substances (like a magic mushroom), then like many others you will be able to enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms. As mentioned earlier there’s a clear link between these psychedelic and positive emotions. Due to this, they’re used for mental health at a growing pace. Especially among those with treatment-resistant depression. You aren’t curing anything when you buy magic mushrooms, but they do create positive feelings.

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What to Look for When Buying Shrooms Online

Now let’s look into the most important factors when looking to buy magic mushrooms online. These tips will make it easier to weed out the actual mushroom dealers from the suspicious ones.

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Disclaimers Matter

So first of all, there should be some kind of legal disclaimer and age restriction when visiting the site. This might seem a bit simple but plays a big role in helping the sellers navigate the legal side of things – especially for those in Canada since there are certain parts of the law to consider.

Magic Mushrooms in Canada Are for Therapeutic Needs

While Canada is progressive in most aspects, there are certain laws that need to be followed. Keep in mind that the sale of anything mushroom-adjacent is illegal. If the mushroom product is shipped to your door but you aren’t medically using it, there is a high chance that Canada’s legal system will not quietly tolerate the sale.

Whether you’re in Vancouver or British Columbia, any kind of magic mushroom is likely to cause issues unless you maintain the documentation for your therapeutic needs with prescriptions.

Know the Shipping Policy

Other than that, make sure you see what kind of shipping times you are getting. If the team is based in your city but can’t tell you by which business day you will receive the package, that’s a red flag. If you order online, also make sure to check where they ship to. Be hands-on throughout the process.

Apart from that, with mushrooms in Canada, you might want to refrain from any kind of e-transfer till you are satisfied with the service. The shop should be able to accommodate your payment after delivery, in cash. In general, it should be standard shipping practice to have a cash option.

When your order is confirmed, make sure you get a tracking number from the shop to keep an eye on your mushrooms. It’s important to know where the package is and whether it’s been shipped.

Know What You’re Looking for

Be an informed mushroom customer before you make your first order. When you’re a beginner, maybe skip on the premium magic mushrooms and instead buy something beginner friendly like B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom or Golden Teachers. Since their potency isn’t very intense.

Also account for whether you want fresh, dried magic mushrooms or mushroom capsules. This will make a world of a difference.

Don’t Confuse Supplements With Magic Mushrooms

While there is some overlap in terms of effects, mushroom capsules (or supplements) are not psilocybin mushrooms. As a result, they don’t count as psychedelics. So whether you’re shopping online or at a mushroom dispensary, you would not want to accidentally buy capsules instead.

In Canada, there are specific therapeutic situations that call for the use of magic mushroom psychedelics.

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Magic Mushroom Micro-Dose

Micro-dosing is the safest way to naturally let your body adjust to the magic mushrooms. It’s arguably the safest way to use in the world and is popular in Canada as well. This requires taking smaller and less potent magic mushrooms so that your body is able to adjust and not forced into a high one it can’t handle. This is also known to improve moods effectively.


Whether it’s getting more out of the company of friends or just a newfound interest in psychedelics, you made the right choice by researching first. There’s no ideal way to enjoy a good mushroom high in life, but the more you know the higher your odds of a smooth high are.

With this guide, you should be well-equipped to make a decision on which kind of mushrooms are the right fit for you.

If you still feel very unsure about where to buy shrooms in Canada, then you can’t go wrong with The Magic Dispensary!

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