Psychedelic Mushrooms and the Effects on Mental Health

Magic Mushrooms and the benefits for mental health

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about the use of psychedelics in treating psychological disorders. However, taking magic mushrooms as a kind of treatment for mental illness is neither novel nor magical. Rather, there is solid scientific support for the use of psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental illness, as well as numerous compelling reasons why psilocybin could be an element of the future of cutting-edge mental care.

Detailed information regarding the clinical application of magic mushrooms for mental well-being is provided below.

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What are Magic Mushrooms?

Several kinds of fresh and dried mushrooms and delicacies contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic. It resembles ketamine in many ways, notably its hallucinogenic qualities and capacity to cause the consumer to experience physical, cognitive, and visual alterations along with contemplative excursions and discoveries. Psychedelic agents also have a significant amount of promise as a potential therapy for patients suffering from various mental health issues.

The Appearance of Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelics resemble regular mushrooms in appearance.

The varieties of magic mushrooms are numerous. The three most popular ones in Canada are liberty hats, blue meanies, and golden tops. Magic mushrooms resemble deadly mushrooms, which may render an individual extremely ill and even kill them.

They can also be found in capsule form as dried material. A white, crystalline substance known as synthesized psilocybin may make pills, capsules, and aqueous solutions. It can treat various medical conditions.

What do the Studies Reveal?

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have been tested on individuals with mental disorders in a modest number of trials. If two distinct classes of psychoactive drugs have been used to address a person’s mental health and they still do not improve, that individual may be said to have treatment-resistant distress.

Individuals suffering from major depression got two doses of naturally occurring psychedelic drugs spaced seven days away in a comparatively small feasibility trial. After taking magic mushrooms, patients experienced immediate psychedelic effects that lasted between 30 and 60 minutes before fading away completely six hours later.

However intriguing, these results should be interpreted cautiously because this was limited research with few participants.

However, more study has been done with comparable results of effectiveness. According to research, 80 percent of healthy participants who visited a month after receiving one or multiple doses of controlled substances rated the session among the five most successful ones they had ever experienced. Ninety percent of respondents said they had better mental health and were more satisfied with their overall health.

Additional research on psilocybin drug use has revealed that the psychiatric medications with magic mushroom as one of the treatment options immediately, significantly, and sustainably reduced stress and depression in people with anxiety disorders, mood swings, and those with cancer who were facing hazardous conditions.

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Effects of Psilocybin Microdosing

The effects of psilocybin microdosing were studied on 180 people who weren’t microdosing and 953 people who were taking magic mushrooms as part of the current study. On their portable devices, the respondents performed several surveys and activities at the start of the research and one month after being recruited.

These evaluations comprised self-report questions measuring attitude, stress, panic, sleep quality, and despair. The scientists also evaluated brain abilities and psychomotor competence that primarily relates to physical health requiring mental activity.

Scientists determined that throughout the trial, microdosers outperformed non-microdosers in terms of emotional enhancements and bigger decreases in signs of sadness, stress, and anxiety.

All subjects experienced these beneficial benefits of microdosing, irrespective of whether they had eaten it raw or along with other drugs.

Furthermore, psychedelic microdosing led to comparable degrees of benefits in psychological health and attitude across age categories, genders, and those with and without mental health issues.

Only female microdosers, who saw greater decreases in symptoms of depression than male microdosers, stood out from the others.

Additionally, the scientists determined that old microdosers improved more in psychomotor testing than non-microdosers but not in mental function. The use of hallucinogens, lion’s hair, and nicotinic by older individuals above 55 was substantially responsible for this result.

In conclusion, this study’s findings contribute to knowledge about the benefits of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms on psychological health and mood, especially in those with mental health problems.

How Can Psilocybin Benefit Those Who Suffer From Mental & Psychological Illnesses?

When used under medical supervision, psilocybin can provide what the user describes as “spiritual” sensations, which typically lead to improvements in the user’s outlook, disposition, conduct, and well-being. The character trait of “openness,” which includes sensitivity, inventiveness, and an understanding of the opinions and values of others, seems to be enhanced in specific by mushrooms.

Psilocybin’s capacity to promote neuroplasticity—the brain’s capacity to form new connections—could explain why users have reported being more open. Psychedelics and other psilocybin drugs have been shown in survey studies to promote or enhance neuroplasticity. Moreover, magic mushrooms are also very beneficial in treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Magic Mushroom Risks

Magic mushrooms have both positive and negative consequences. Especially at large dosages, what is termed a “bad trip” can happen. Such adverse events can be terrifying and cause anxiety, loss of control, visual and auditory hallucinations, and a warped sense of identity. Throughout these comedowns, impaired judgment may cause threatening behavior, which may subsequently result in severe accidents or even death. In some circumstances, psilocybin and psilocin users may have numerous or excessively powerful psychedelic experiences that might cause sudden “traumatic memories” or replay the prior experience.

Taking mushrooms increases the risk of serious complications and adverse outcomes when combined with drugs like amphetamines, cannabis, alcohol, etc.

There could be a higher risk of substance abuse in people genetically prone to or with mental problems. The relationship is currently being examined.

Short-term consequences or physical symptoms like elevated heart rate and blood pressure might be hazardous for people with cardiac problems.

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How Long Do Mushroom Effects Last?

Psilocybin mushrooms start working 20 minutes after ingestion. They can be taken on their own, combined with other foods, or steeped like coffee and sipped.

Their impacts can persist for up to six hours, which is prolonged for the significant chemical alterations in the body and head to have negative impacts that can result in long-term health disorders.

What is Mental Health?

Psychological, emotional, and behavioral health is part of mental health. It concerns the acts, experiences, and beliefs of the individuals.

Some mental illnesses are as follows:

·         Mood disorders

·         Schizophrenia disorders

·         Anxiety disorders


Magic mushrooms have numerous medicinal benefits ranging from managing alcoholism to curing mental health disorders. The only thing we need to be cautious about is dosage.

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