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Mushroom Edibles: What are They?

Magic Mushroom Gummies

If you are into the psychedelic plants world then you must have heard about the mushroom edibles, they are all the rage among the shroom buffs making them a global phenomenon. Thousands are eager to try new and inventive ways of taking these edibles due to their wellness and health-promoting tendencies. Dabbling into the therapeutic […]

Reasons for Microdosing with Mushroom Capsules: What You Need to Know

Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushroom

Introduction Psilocybin mushrooms have become an increasingly popular topic in scientific literature as of late. This is because the therapeutic potential of mushroom capsules has been proven in a reliable and consistent way. As a result psychedelic therapies have evolved to include mushroom extracts as part of their treatment plans, with noted improvements across multiple […]

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