What is a Magic Mushroom Dispensary & Are They Safe?

Magic mushroom dispensary


With magic mushrooms gaining constant attention and people seeking ways to access them, mushroom dispensaries are becoming an underground hit. These businesses are booming with more people getting aware through psychedelic and consciousness research.

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Therefore if you are new to this world, it is natural to wonder about a psilocybin-containing mushrooms dispensary. While the federal laws in Canada may not be very lax in allowing shrooms to run rampant, many medicinal mushroom dispensary spots continue to pop up with the hope that the massive public interest would help them get mainstreamed. While these businesses choose to have an online set-up, more companies continue to garner visibility.

Let’s discuss a magic mushroom dispensary and if they are safe.


Magic Mushroom Dispensary- All About It

A mushroom dispensary is a place where you can find all things magic mushrooms. They operate as a medical psilocybin dispensary and get a lot of varying crowds despite being small establishments.

They present the details of their products in a menu form, and then you can choose.

How They Operate

While it may seem like a rogue operation, such apothecaries still have a complete system for operating in a medical form. They have the right and necessary qualified staff like nurses to guide you.

Any buyers must sign disclosure documents stating that they have a medical reason for purchasing the psychedelic mushrooms. The staff can further help you as they say Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, and addictions are some of the main reasons people opt for such drugs for effective treatment and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

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The nurses can also make suggestions according to what you seek. Mycologists have studied excessively and discovered many health benefits associated with these psychedelic mushrooms.

These plants have a long and rich history of being utilized as ceremonial, spiritual, and medicinal compounds for mental health. A world of research has shown that psilocybin mushrooms have healing powers.


Dried Magic Mushrooms Varieties

There are over 180 mushroom varieties, and a dispensary can carry around 20 to 30 different ones. These mushroom strains are sorted and vary in origin, color, shape, cost, etc.

You could expect a gram for around a few bucks and an ounce for a couple of hundreds. One low dose of the psilocybin mushroom can be approximately 0.5-2 grams, as these are mild amounts that don’t bring any lasting effects.

However, the high dose can reach 5 grams, and it is for those who need a more potent kick with hallucinogenic properties. Such ranges fall under the safe category and can give the individual a nice trip; however, all the effects can be short-term, and there will be nothing dangerous. Furthermore, the dispensary operators make sure that they guide their customers well.

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Magic Mushrooms Products Sold in a Dispensary

Below is a list of the top products you can find in a shroom dispensary. Various places can sell a diverse range of things. Nonetheless, we will shed light on some of the most common and popular ones that are standard in every mushroom shop.

Mushroom Drinks

Gone are the days of infusing fine mushroom powder into your ingestible. Now you have so many options in the market they will boggle your mind.

Mushroom drinks reign supreme as more companies bring new and inventive ways of inducing psilocybin into beverages. You can have your mushroom-imbued Tea and coffee. Then there are non-carbonated drinks that contain around 500mg to 4grams of psilocybin in every bottle.

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Sure, it seems unusual to get your dose in a drink form, but many people find this a pleasurable experience.

Gummies and Shroom Edibles

You must know the gummies and capsules sensation, and of course, you will find them in a dispensary, online mushroom stores or physically. The mushroom gummies are a way to intake psilocybin for those who prefer fruity flavors with a dose of psychedelics.

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These edibles have lesser and milder doses of mushrooms, so they don’t negatively impact your health.

You can also find other milder edibles like mushroom candies, mushroom chocolates, mints, etc.


Are Mushroom Dispensaries Safe

While magic mushrooms have yet to hold the legal label, seeing how many mushroom businesses are freely flourishing, you could say that it is safe. If you visit a dispensary, you won’t get raided or thrown in jail, so if that is something you are worried about, don’t fret. Police departments in Canada have been inquired about how they see and handle this situation, making their stance clear.

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While they fully acknowledge that psilocybin is illegal and people dealing with them can face charges, they also admit that their primary focus is capturing the dangerous guys.

Their objective is to target the organized and violent criminals who distribute the harmful opioids that can fuel gang violence and lead to innocent killings. Psilocybin is not a drug that gives you any long-term effects, and it is just a short while of altered perception that leaves you relaxed and with a distorted sense of reality owing to the psychedelic effects. However, it doesn’t trigger you in violent ways, and not a bad trip.


There you have it! Everything you need to know about what a mushroom dispensary is and how it operates! As businesses boom, more people are getting aware of the dispensaries, and you never know; one could be super close to you. So go ahead, buy shrooms online or visit a store to have the psychedelic experience.

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