What is Microdosing?

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What is Microdosing?

We will be covering this topic in our next post. Top 20 Benefits of Microdosing post about how you can maximize the benefits through this method in your daily life and what it is all about.


  1. Boost mood and mental acuity
  2. Using it as a medicinal factor for brain
  3. Boosting creativity, well-being & having a new perspective
  4. Use for energy and state of focus
  5. Improving relationships & high productivity levels
  6. Reducing undesirable states of mental illnesses
  7. Increase in glutamate > necessary cognitive function
  8. Various ways to utilize Psilocybin in everyday life > food, tea, capsules
  9. Increase in Serotonin
  10. Interrupting “DMN” and creating more communication skills between our brains
  11. Managing addictions
  12. Accelerates leadership qualities
  13. Ego-dissolution
  14. Reduce procrastination
  15. Improving athletic performance
  16. Help solve problems
  17. Create new concepts
  18. More in touch with emotions allowing for better communication in relationships
  19. Gain insight on self reflection
  20. Improving overall social skills & healthy relationships


The term “Microdosing” has crawled its way into our society today, but what exactly is its purpose? In clinical studies, Microdosing refers to the study of low doses of drugs administered enough for a cellular response in the human body, then continuing to predict the next dosage amount. We listed ‘20 benefits of Microdosing’ on Psilocybin cubensis, which can be achieved through this method alone. Through this we can avoid the intense continuous “psychedelic trip” and achieve our goals in our daily lives, whatever that may be for you.

Personally, I prefer consuming mushroom tea (higher potency) if I am feeling flavourful, but if you just want to treat it as part of your health routine, mushroom capsules would be a more accommodating way to go. With Microdosing, it is enough to maximize the benefits without eating tacky mushrooms, or having bad stomach pains. You can even incorporate them into your smoothies and other foods. If it is one thing I dislike about magic mushrooms, is the bad stomach pain. Therefore, when Microdosing it is enough to activate a cellular response. Once this has activated, your body will adapt to small doses of Psilocybin entering your brain to  jump start sending signals to make connections throughout the neural network. With this being said, do not eat 5-6 magic mushroom gummies a day! Each product has a different potency level of Psilocybin. If you feel like you have gone over your amount, always have a friend or family member by your side. Remember, less is always more and start with the least amount, and build yourself to your tolerance level.

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