What is Psilocybin tea?

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In our last post, we discussed Top 20 benefits of Microdosing and What is Microdosing?. Today, we will be discussing magic mushroom tea and the differences in consuming tea and other products. For one, tea is not considered a microdosing method. Instead, this is used for users to want to avoid or mask the tacky taste of mushrooms and prefer to incorporate them in their food, yet still achieve the ‘psychedelic’ trip. This method alone also allows users to feel the effects faster and at a higher potency level. I personally enjoy tea as I mentioned previously in my blog post, it doesn’t give me bad stomach aches and my friends and I love sipping it together on a nice day.

With this being said, it may not be an option for someone looking to microdose but rather someone who wants to try shrooms for the first time, without going through any bad stomach pain trips.

In every part of the world we would visit, we relish in food, culture and social etiquette. We thought we would bring those flavours across the world to you at the magic dispensary! Creating psilocybin tea is an art in itself. Our staff handpicked and created this tea for you all and we hope you love it enough to write a review. Check out our new flavours, Sahara Mint, Black Chai and Vanilla flower, my personal favourite!


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Experts in the growing Psilocybin industry discuss psychedelics.

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