9 Best Things To Do On Shrooms For An Epic Self-Discovery

Things To Do On Shrooms

Finding new ways to explore and deepen self-discovery can be a challenge for many. Psilocybin mushrooms, or “shrooms,” offer powerful experiences that have helped people in their journey of self-exploration for centuries.

This article presents nine incredible activities to maximize your shroom experience for epic self-discovery, ensuring a memorable and transformative trip. Get ready to discover yourself like never before!

Understanding Shrooms and Their Effects

Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, contain psilocybin. This substance can deeply change how you see and feel the world around you. Your senses might get stronger. Colors would look brighter, sounds may seem richer, and emotions can feel more intense.

Using shrooms in a comfortable place with people you trust helps make your experience better. This is because where you are and who you’re with (set and setting) really affect your trip.

Knowing how much to take  is key for a safe shroom journey. The advice “Start low, go slow” is important for anyone trying shrooms, whether it’s their first time or they’re experienced psychonauts exploring psychoactive effects further.

If things get overwhelming, support like the Fireside Project is available to help guide those having a difficult time through their psychedelic experiences safely.

Activities to Enhance a Shroom Experience

Magic Mushroom Experience

Enhance your shroom experience by connecting with nature, immersing in creativity, indulging in relaxation, engaging the senses, and exploring your inner self. These activities can deepen your self-discovery journey while on shrooms.

Connect with Nature: Lie Down on the Earth, Walk Barefoot, Hug a Tree

Lying down on the earth connects you with nature in a profound way during a shroom trip. It grounds your senses, amplifying the psychedelic experience. Feel the grass or soil beneath you, letting it anchor your journey.

Walking barefoot lets you absorb the Earth’s energy directly through your feet. This simple act can deepen your connection to our planet. Hugging a tree while on mushrooms is encouraged too.

Trees carry ancient wisdom and offer a comforting, stabilizing presence to lean into.

Immerse in Creativity: Paint With Watercolors, Make Music

Shrooms boost creativity. This can make painting with watercolors not just an activity, but an adventure into colors and emotions. Each brush stroke on the canvas becomes more vibrant and full of life.

As you dive into this creative process, the mind explores new depths, unlocking hidden feelings and thoughts.

Making music on shrooms turns every note into a profound experience. Whether strumming a guitar or experimenting with digital sounds in GarageBand, the normal boundaries of sound seem to dissolve.

You might discover melodies within that you never knew existed, creating a soundtrack that perfectly captures your psychedelic journey.

Indulge in Relaxation: Take a Bath, Meditate

Taking a warm bath can deeply enhance your shroom experience. It encourages relaxation and opens the door to deeper self-discovery. The warmth of the water helps soothe your body, making it easier to slip into a state of introspection.

As you soak, allow your thoughts to flow freely without judgment.

Meditating while on mushrooms adds another layer to your journey. It guides you towards profound inner exploration and amplifies the richness of the trip. Focus on your breath and let yourself dive into the depths of your consciousness.

This practice not only deepens your experience but could also offer insights worth discussing with a therapist for better integration into daily life.

Engage the Senses: Listen to Psychedelic Music, Drink Some Tea

Enhance your shroom experience by engaging your senses with vibrant psychedelic music. It can amplify the euphoric effects and lead to a more immersive journey of self-discovery. Enjoying soothing tea alongside can also bring peace and relaxation, complementing the visual and auditory stimulation for a more profound experience.

Listening to psychedelic music while on shrooms can intensify feelings of connectedness and understanding, enhancing the introspective nature of the trip. Drinking tea adds another layer of sensory experience, promoting calmness that complements the psychedelic influence, ultimately facilitating a deeper sense of self-awareness and exploration.

Explore the Inner Self: Contemplate the Unknown, Engage in Self-Reflection

Explore your inner thoughts while on shrooms by finding a quiet space. Reflect on life and observe your emotions without judgment. Consider the mysteries of existence, but don’t dwell too deeply, maintaining a positive mindset.

Engaging in self-reflection can lead to personal insights much like meditation.

Delve into the unknown with caution as it can trigger strong emotional responses or anxiety. Be aware that shrooms amplify thoughts and feelings; focusing consciously may shape the experience positively.

Safety Measures During a Shroom Experience

Safety Measures with Magic Mushrooms

Ensure a supportive environment for your shroom experience. Utilize resources like the Fireside Project for guidance and assistance.

Call the Fireside Project: Support during Psychedelic Experiences

The Fireside Project provides support for people having a psychedelic experience. If you’re tripping alone and need someone to talk to, you can call their free hotline. They offer compassionate understanding and can help guide you through any challenging moments during your shroom experience.

Acknowledge and Embrace Your Mortality

Recognize and accept the reality of your own mortality during a shroom trip. This acknowledgment may lead to a greater understanding of life and help in conquering the fear of death.

Embracing mortality could potentially bring about feelings of gratitude for the present moment and enhance self-discovery.

Take this opportunity to face existential thoughts head-on, as it is believed that doing so can create a deep sense of connectedness with oneself and the world around you. It also has the potential to foster personal growth and promote mindfulness in everyday life.

Deepening the Shroom Experience


Enhancing the shroom experience involves activities such as nature walks, home decoration, movie-watching, yoga practice, journaling, and deep conversations. These endeavors can deepen self-discovery and enrich the psychedelic journey for personal growth.

Go on a Nature Walk

Explore the outdoors and take a nature walk while on shrooms to enhance your experience. Walking barefoot can deepen your connection with the earth and promote a calming effect. Being surrounded by nature can bring about introspection and awareness, making it a meaningful activity during your shroom trip.

Shrooms can change perceptions and experiences, making nature walks more immersive for self-discovery.

Immerse in the beauty of nature while on shrooms as it’s recommended for deepening the experience. Walking barefoot brings a calming effect, promoting introspection and connecting with the earth.

Decorate Your Home

Revamp your space with vibrant and cohesive designs while tripping on psychedelics. Find inspiration in postmodern or retrofuturistic interior design for a more comfortable environment.

Identify color gaps and decorating imbalances to make intentional design choices – leading to better aesthetic appeal.

Identify how color may be missing, leading to better design choices, making the home revitalized and cohesive, while experiencing psychedelic effects. After this, let’s move on to “Watch a Movie”!

Watch a Movie

Enjoy watching a captivating movie while on shrooms to immerse yourself in a visual and emotional experience. Choose films known for their vibrant visuals, thought-provoking themes, and engaging storylines to enhance your trip further.

Consider “Psychedelia” documentaries or visually stunning nature films to stimulate your senses and inspire introspection during your shroom journey.

Remember that movies with intense or frightening content may intensify emotions and lead to an overwhelming experience, so select movies wisely based on positive themes and soothing aesthetics.

Do Yoga, Journal

Transitioning from watching a movie to the next activity, doing yoga and journaling can deepen your shroom experience. Engaging in yoga during your shroom trip can enhance body awareness and facilitate relaxation.

Meanwhile, journaling can help capture profound insights and reflections that arise during the journey, allowing for self-discovery and understanding. Such activities are beneficial for exploration within oneself while maintaining safety and comfort.

These practices should be approached with an open mind, considering individual preferences and sensitivities to ensure a meaningful experience.

Have a Deep Conversation

Transitioning from activities like yoga and journaling, having a deep conversation can be an enlightening experience during a shroom trip. Engaging in meaningful discussions with trusted friends can lead to profound insights and self-discovery.

It allows for exploration of thoughts and emotions in a safe environment, contributing to the overall therapeutic effect of the psychedelic experience.

Delving into deep conversations while on shrooms aligns with the historical use of psychedelics as tools for introspection and spiritual growth. Cultures throughout history have utilized communal dialogue as part of their rituals to create a supportive container for such experiences.

Process Your Emotions

After engaging in a deep conversation, it’s crucial to process your emotions. Taking time to reflect on the thoughts and feelings stirred up during the conversation can enhance self-discovery and personal growth.

Acknowledging and processing your emotions allows for a deeper understanding of oneself, promoting introspection and empathy towards others.

To facilitate emotional processing, consider journaling or engaging in mindful meditation. These practices can help you recognize and dissect complex emotions, leading to better mental clarity and self-awareness.


Embark on a shroom journey for self-discovery. Engage in nature, create art, and embrace relaxation. Face mortality and explore your inner self intensely. Discover the depths of your consciousness with shrooms!


1. What are some fun things to do on shrooms for self-discovery?

You can watch good shroom movies, listen to music like “Tomorrow Never Knows,” or spend time in nature. These activities might help you see the world differently.

2. Can doing things on mushrooms help with mental health?

Yes, studies from places like Johns Hopkins University show that under careful conditions, psilocybin therapy can aid in treating depression and anxiety.

3. Are there risks when trying things on mushrooms for fun?

Yes, without proper guidance or medical advice, you could have a bad trip or experience hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD). Always prioritize safety and harm reduction.

4. How does psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy work?

This therapy uses substances like psilocybin under a healthcare professional’s supervision to explore your mind deeply and address psychological issues such as treatment-resistant depression.

5. Is it legal to use mushrooms for these activities?

In many places, psilocybe mushrooms are classified as Schedule I drugs due to their potential for misuse and lack of accepted medicinal use; however, research into their therapeutic benefits is ongoing.

6. Should I talk to a doctor before exploring self-discovery on shrooms?

Absolutely! Consulting with a mental health professional ensures you understand the effects of psychedelics and helps prevent negative experiences related to substance abuse or existing medical conditions.

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